Our aims in Iberia
The establishment of strong, healthy, and local GAA clubs on the Iberian peninsula (including Gibraltar and Portugal) with a view to growing these clubs and integrating into the local community while continuing to establish more clubs in localities.

Our clubs will follow the aims of the GAA in Ireland and ensure that all the members are included in sports, community projects, fundraising, development, or any other activity without prejudice of race, religion, or creed.

With this established and maintained we will aim to offer a much broader and extensive experience for the Erasmus project which will undoubtedly benefit from these strong local units.

The fair and proper involvement in the decision-making process with responsibility, deadlines, understanding, and acceptance of results discussed.

Proper and regular communication with clubs, players, and volunteers regarding decisions and results.

Outreach to local communities in small but incremental amounts to gradually grow our presence and ensure healthy and appropriate inclusion in local communities to learn from them and to also show them the positives of our culture.

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