When we say Gaelic Games people often ask, what is that! Well, wonder no more! Heres what they are all about.


Gaelic Football

The Irish like to be a little different and Gaelic Football sure fits the bill! Carrying the ball in the hand, bouncing every four steps or taking it from the foot on the run, shoulder charging an opponent, a deft flick of the hand to tackle an opponent, passing with the fist, kicking fast and directly to the chest, catching the ball high overhead, putting it over the crossbar or driving it in the net…

Gaelic Football has it all!

Ladies Gaelic Football

Ladies are not going to be let behind and indeed in many ways they show us all how it should be done and done right and Gaeic Football is no exception. Skilful, fast and more than a little passionate the ladies football ROCKS!


Hurling, a religion in many respects, is a highly skilful game described as the fastest game on grass. Fast and furious, it looks like it has no rules but it is a highly disciplined game revered in Ireland. Try it!


The ladies version of Hurling its no less fast, action packed or skilful! Indeed its more! Watch the ladies show us how it should be done!
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