The Iberian Committee currently consists of these roles and officers who have given their free time, dedication, effort, and expertise to further our Gaelic Games in Iberia.

Iberia and the committee are still in the formative stage of creation but it is growing quickly. Officers will be able to influence this rapidly growing region with minimal effort and with proper, targetted focus, will be able ot enhance it and establish new ways to bring people and clubs together competitively and socially far into the future.

Should you wish to join this dedicated team and positively affect the future of your club, family, community, region, Gaelic games in Europe, and indeed the Association itself, please fill in the registration form under the button titled “Register For the Iberian Committee”.

Chairperson – Justin Parks (South)

Secretary – VACANT

Treasurer – VACANT

Public Relations Officer (PRO) – Megan Donegan (Central East)

Sponsorship Officer – Diarmuid O’Donovan (Central East)

Outreach / Development Officer – VACANT

Mens & Ladies Football & Officer – Miriam Healy (Central East)

Camogie & Hurling Officer – Seán O’Riain (South)

Iberian Representative – Eoin McCall (Central East)

Sub-regional delegates

GALICIA (NW) – Angel Negrete (Galicia)

Committee Registration

Application to be considered for a role on the Iberian Committee or to request more information about a role.

Are you registered with a club in Iberia? If so, which club? If not, just put your home town.
Which role in particular would you be interested in fulfilling? If unsure please put simply put "officer".
Anything you would like to ask or say?
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