How the costs and fee structure works for official clubs and registered players in Iberia.

The fees raised by Gaelic Games Europe (GGE) that come from the players and clubs are gathered then redistributed and every club and player is obliged to pay this registration so that funds can be allocated for tournaments, coaching courses, referee courses and towards enhancing Gaelic Games.

Club Fees

Individual clubs can charge a “sub” or annual fee and these generally range from €50 to €150 per player depending on the club size, overheads, aims and whats included in that fee (eg club top, a football or similar).

Clubs can decide on an annual fee themselves but out of that annual fee there are set costs to be part of the Gaelic Games Europe that are due and which are reinvested county wide.

Heres how it breaks down.

Registration and Fee Totals

Club Registration Fee


Player Registration Fee

(per player)


Minimum Number of players per club (in order to be deemed official)

Registered Players (min)

Minimum Annual Registration Fee


For every player over the minimum number of 11 registered players (men and ladies), a subsequent €10 fee is due. It’s important to register your players in order for them to be eligible to play in competitions and tournaments.

Non-registered players can be deemed ineligible to compete!

How the Fees are Utilised

(Gaelic Athletic Association)

Euros (per player)

The fees paid to the GAA are paid by all members in all clubs associated with the organisation.

(Gaelic Games Europe)

Euros (per player)

Euros (per club)

The fees paid to the GGE are paid by all members in all clubs associated with the organisation and these funds are totalled then allocated by committee to various codes or requirements, identified by GEE as being beneficial or helpful in developing the games. The fees are also used for referee costs for GEE tournaments and competitions over the year.

Regional Board

Euros (per player)

For each registered and fully paid up player on the FOIREANN system under an Iberian club the Iberian region will have €2 reallocated for funding of coaching courses, referees courses or as supporting the development of new clubs, games or events which are defined and decided upon by the Iberian committee.

Once clubs are registered and official the GGE will issue and invoice once a year to each club to the official Club Secretary email account.


Hence this is the reason that every player in the club is registered and verified so the region can reinvest in itself and help to develop and games!

Also, the more players and clubs we have registered the larger the funding allocation the GGE can request in the annual budget meetings and funding rounds with the GAA

Any further questions on how fees: 

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