How to register and manage your club in Iberia

Clubs across Europe and under the county board administration of Gaelic Games Europe (GGE) use the GAA system called Foireann to manage player registration, team sheet management and registration.

The Foireann system is important as it allows us to cover many factors in the running and development of the Gaelic Games in Iberia in conjunction with the county board.

With each player, registered officials can be assured that teams and clubs are properly managed and players are accounted for under the GAA umbrella and as such promotes fairness in the game and in terms of administration and accounting, allocation equitable and fair funding and grants. .

Registering with Foireann is simple and IMPORTANT and clubs MUST have all players registered in order to compete in any of our competitive events, tournaments, leagues or championships.

In order to gain access to Foirenn and begin administrating your club, follow this CLUB REGISTRATION GUIDE.

A very important step, often overlooked, is to ensure your club profile is added to the growing membership of official clubs on the Gaelic Games Europe Website which has direct recruitment potential and helps in the effort to gain sponshership. Do not ignore it and keep it updated!

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