The GAA’s values are the heart and soul of our Association. In every club around the world they are what binds us, what makes us unique and what attracts more and more players, members, volunteers and supporters.


“The GAA is a community based volunteer organisation promoting Gaelic Games, culture and lifelong participation.”

The GAA is a volunteer organisation. We develop and promote Gaelic Games at the core of Irish identity and culture.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our family of games, and the values we live, enrich the lives of our members, families and the communities we serve.

We are committed to active lifelong participation for all and to providing the best facilities. We reach out to and include all members of our society.

We promote individual development and well-being and strive to enable all of our members to achieve their full potential in their chosen roles.


Our vision is that everybody has the opportunity to be welcomed to take part in our games and culture, to participate fully, to grow and develop and to be inspired to keep a lifelong engagement with our Association.


What This Means

Community Identity

  • Community is at the heart of our Association. Everything we do helps to enrich the communities we serve
  • We foster a clear sense of identity and place

Amateur Status

  • We are a volunteer led organisation
  • All our members play and engage in our games as amateurs
  • We provide a games programme at all levels to meet the needs of all our players


  • We welcome everybody to be part of our Association
  • We are anti-sectarian
  • We are anti-racist


  • We respect each other on and off the playing fields
  • We operate with integrity at all levels
  • We listen and respect the views of all

Player Welfare

  • We provide the best playing experience for all our players.
  • We structure our games to allow players of all abilities reach their potential


  • Effective teamwork on and off the field is the cornerstone of our Association
  • Ní neart go cur le chéile (There is no strength without working together)
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