The annual convention will be established and held for Iberia no later than September 15th of each year via the appropriate online platform (TEAMS) on the GAA account.

All clubs will be formally invited by email, no later than August 1st and should register a commitment to attend and this correspondence will be sent to the official GAA email account.


Each club may have a single representative attend who has the right to vote on any submitted proposals.

Only those clubs that have met minimum requirements for club formation may attend and vote.

This is described as:

1. Formally registered on the Foireann system.
2. Have been active at at least one tournament or game in the previous season.
3. Have a committee in place and a minimum of 11 players.
4. Have fully paid up all fees for the previous season.

Election to the committee

The committee will communicate with all clubs no later than the 20th of June each year with an update on the year past and with a request for any person or person who wish to be involved in the Iberian committee to submit their names and the role they should like to advance by contacting us.

All submissions for officer roles will be open on June 20th and will be closed by July 20th.

Voting in the Committee

The existing committee will effectively stand down every year and must be re-elected by the members.

The committee will be elected by an online platform at the annual convention.

All votes will be managed via GAA Microsoft teams platform.


The committee shall be made up of volunteers currently resident on the Iberian Peninsula.

Should an officer move from the Iberian peninsula for a period of longer than 3 months or realize that they cannot return within a 3 month period then the officer should resign the role and a replacement should be sought.

Also, should an officer not be performing their role adequately or without adequately communicated reasons or due to a change in circumstance or for mis-representation or dishonesty the elected committee can remove that volunteer by submitting 3 votes of “no-confidence” to the Committee secretary.

Should the secretary be the role in question then 2 votes should be submitted to the chairperson.

This must then be declared in the next scheduled committee meeting, ratified and the process initiated to full the now vacant position.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles on the Iberian committee who will also have a vote on proposals and be able to submit proposals will be defined below. Some of these roles are standard on various committees, others are currently inactive or unrequired at this time. The committee will be able to active or hibernate roles as required and will vote to enable this action with a simple majority.

 Iberian Committee Roles (with votes)

To ensure the smooth running of the committee and the Iberian games by delegating and liaising with officers in their respective roles.

Vice Chairperson
To fulfill the role of the chairperson should they be unavailable.

To assist the chairperson in gathering information, arranging meetings and counting votes on proposals and to also ensure proper notes and minutes are taken at meetings and these notes are published and communicated to the respective members via the website and communication or social platforms.

Assistant Secretary
To fulfill the role of the secretary should they be unavailable.

Responsible for DFA grants, and funding, ensuring registrations have been paid and clubs have access to and avail of funding where appropriate. Will liaise with the Sponsorship officer extensively to seek new methods of regional fundraising and promotion.

PRO (Public Relations Officer)
To lease with the clubs and the sub-regional reps to gather information on events, dates, tournaments and any other club activity (fundraising, sponsorships, charity, youth, schools etc) and ensure this information reflects positively on the Iberian Gaelic Games effort and it is subsequently promoted on the appropriate channels.

Sponsorship Officer
To liaise with the committee and in particular the Treasurer, PRO and the Mens, Ladies and Development Officer to formulate packages and offers that will attract Sponsership from business or governmental bodies for tournaments, overseas competition, clubs, regional events etc.

Ladies & Mens officer
These 2 roles are focused on ensuring that all clubs have their members registered in the Foireann system, are being represented at events equally and fairly and that funding is being raised an channelled properly, that regular football is being arranged and training is regular. They may lease with the Iberian rep regularly to arrange coaching courses or referred courses if the demand is apparent.

Outreach / Development officer
This officer role is incredibly important in the continued growth and establishment of clubs in Iberia. The main focus of this is to help new clubs get established, integrate them with their local sub region, ensure they have the correct info to register with GGE and then pinpoint new and potential club and make plans ot establish clubs in those locals.

Kids / Juvenille Officer
The establishment and growth of a competitive and fun environment within the GAA community is essential for our members, native, international, new and old. Our aim is to help develop and deploy a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for the next generation of club players.

Liaison Roles (without Votes)

Iberian rep
Sub-regional delegates (3)

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