All official registered and recognised clubs with Gaelic Games Europe are issued with 4 email accounts as standard.

If you need access please contact

These emails are important as they serve 3 specific purposes.


First, the email accounts for the GAA mean you are part of the Gaelic Athletic Federation and because clubs use the address it confirms that the club is officially recognised and authentic when sending correspondence to players, other clubs, potential or existing sponsors, officers, and officials within the federation.

This is important to establish trust and ensure that email correspondence is kept in an official capacity and apart from your business or personal life!


Secondly, all internal and important correspondence within the GAA and throughout Gaelic Games Europe is sent from and via these GAA accounts.

These could be notifications about tournaments, hosting them or playing in them, rules and regulation updates, news, IT updates AND most importantly grants, funding and sponsorship opportunities to help support and develop your club!



Third, as well as email having these emails gives you access to Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 provides Clubs with access to great functionality:

  • Email
  • OneDive – File storage and sharing
  • Word / Excel / PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Skype for business – Online conferencing (audio, video & screen sharing)


By logging into One Drive you will be able to access all of the services listed above. Get started by clicking the button “Login One Drive”.


The email accounts are limited to the 4 roles, chairperson, secretary, treasurer and PRO (Publich Relations Officer) and should be managed by those officers in your club. They include the role, the location of your club and the county (Europe) and will look like the examples below.

Email Access & Support

If a club needs help with email because you have lost access or have not been issued accounts here’s how to fix the problem.

Lost Access

Contacting the County IT Officer via and asking him/her to request it on your behalf.

Access to an Account

E-maili from his/her own email account


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