Iberian Cup 2023
This years Gaelic Games Iberian Cup Final 2023 is in VIGO, Galicia!

Gaelic Games Iberia Final 2023

IMPORTANT! – all teams must confirm attendance and pay €150 (non-refundable) deposit to the hosts by April 10th or their position will be opened to another club on a first come first served basis.

Please contact the host club directly to arrange payment.

Competing Mens Teams ♂
11 Aside

Celtiberos Lisbon (South)
Madrid Harps (Central East)
San Vincent Valencia (Central East)
Fillos de Breogan (North West)
Keltoi (North West)
Auriense (North West)

Competing Ladies Teams ♀
9 Aside

Eire Og Sevilla (South)
Barcelona Gaels (Central East)
San Vincent Valencia (Central East)
Estrela Vermelha F.G. (North West)
Turonia Gondomar F.G. (North West)
Fillas de Breogán (North West)

Ladies Match Schedule

Mens Match Schedule


Both buses starts here, in front of Centro Comercial A Laxe. Location:

Link to Google Map

08:30 – Meeting Point
08:45 – Departure time (We don’t wait for anyone, please be punctual)

Travel to Vigo

There are a few ways to get to Vigo depending on your starting point.

Flights direct to Santiago or Porto
*Vigo airport goes to London, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona


AVE to Ourense and a coach to Vigo 

If you’re travelling in a sizeable group direct transfers can be arranged



– 4 individual rooms: 40€ per night.
– 10 double rooms: €43 per night. €21.50 per person.
– 4 triple rooms €58 per night. €19.33 per person.
– Continental Breakfast €6 per person.


– 8 triple rooms: €58 per night. €19.33 per person.
– 5 quad rooms: €73 per night. €18.25 per person
– Continental breakfast €6 per person

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