Finals Hosting Costs

While sub-regions have the freedom to set their own tournament costs based on their locality but when it comes to the Iberian Finals (Cup and Shield) the costs are set and hosts are expected to meet these restrictions.

Sub-regions use these as the guidelines when hosting their regional tournaments also, the pricing and costs have been formulated to ensure a high-quality tournament is held at minimum cost to players, with the best possible outcomes and are subsidised by various fees, grants and financial support delegated by the Iberian Regional Board and Gaelic Games Europe County Board.

Financial Breakdowns

Player Costs

€40 per player

€5  for Lunch (Sandwich, fruit and an energy drink)
 to Tournament Costs (typically field rental)
€25 to Evening Dinner


Referee Costs

Referee’s provided by GGE have their travel costs included.

The hosts will provide hotels for the 2 nights that referees are on location and should arrange pickup from the airport or train station on arrival and for departure.



€’s are available via the Iberian County Board and will depend on annual funding allocation but this must be confirmed as other events or tournaments may take priority.



Host clubs of the final will have a €500 reserve available to be utilised to ensure the no direct cost is incurred to them. Any remaining funds left from this reserve will be allocated ot the host club at the conclusion of the event.



While we move forward with tournament development we always encourage hosts to try new things and add MORE but also to ensure these aspects are included and provided for.

Goalposts – We REALLY need to have proper goalposts for Gaelic Games. They CAN be mobile/portable posts but they should be the proper dimensions for Mens and Ladies football and for 11, 9 or 7 aside as required.

Pitches – the rental of 1/2 or 3 pitches is required depending on the tournament parameters.

Media – Either a photographer or videographer at the event to record, at least, the semi-finals or finals.

Medical professionals – to deal with any unfortunate injuries that may occur on the day. They should be there for the duration of the event.

CCO (Competition Control Officer) – A “neutral” individual who can correlate scores, ensure schedules are kept, liaise and impart information to clubs, manage officials to be present for matches and referees are well informed and catered for while administrating the games.  

Unforeseen or Unaccounted Costs

It happens. Tournaments can have a cost that no one can for-see or account for in advance. Every effort should be made to avoid this or minimise this if at all possible and hosts should liaise with the Iberian Regional Board Secretary when seeking a solution.

If it infringes on clubs directly,  they should be told in adequate time of the issue so they can reduce any potential financial losses or complications.

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