The Format for the 2021 Season is detailed below.


All substitutes will wear bibs and swap the bib with the exiting player

All officials will wear uniform (but distinctive) bibs to the teams and substitutes

Each club will provide 3 officials for matches. The preference should be attendees at the event who are not participating in matches but in the case they are not available then non starting players will be required.

1 Linesman, 1 Umprie for the home side and 1 for the away side and their names will be submitted in advance to the CCC and all teams (ladies officiate men and men officiate ladies). 

All officials will have read this overview of their responsibilities and the role – Click Here for the Details. 

These rules are in place to help keep games running smoothly and to give the referee proper support in matches.


From September until December

All Ladies and Mens fixtures will be single matches of 60 minutes.

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.


From January the format will be converted to a tournament structure

This will consist of 2 games per team

Mens games will be 15 minutes per half – Ladies will be 12 minutes per half

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

The Format will be:

Home Team A – Visiting Club B – Visiting Club C

Mens A v Mens B
Ladies A v Ladies B

Mens A v Mens C
Ladies A v Ladies C 

Mens B v Mens C
Ladies B v Ladies C


Thus from September until the last tournament in March each squad will have a total of ten games after which the winner of the most points will win the coveted Andalucian Cup and proceed to the Iberian finals in May!

The squads who come second will have the option of attending the Iberia Shield on the same dates in May (and can be an amalgamate team if required).


Click here to see the Fixtures Calander

The focus should be to try and play fun but competitive football which is SAFE for all parties involved.

Teams are to be flexible and helpful and understanding in light of the seriousness of the current situation. 

Referees will be players or club members and are volunteers giving up THEIR FREE TIME to facilitate your match and at ALL TIMES will be treated respectfully in the games.

Play fair all.

  • Games will be 7 aside, 9 aside, or 11 aside.
  • The team with the least number of players can request a change of format and with consensus of the CCC and the opposing team an agreement can be reached.
  • Teamsheets MUST be submitted 48 hours prior to the match to the competing teams and the referee
  • Non submission of teamsheets will result in a deduction of 1 point if a win or 1 point from your league score
  • Only players submitted on the teamsheet are eligible to play
  • On 7s and 9s no mark will be played.
  • On 7s, the ball can only be scored into the goal (3 points) or fisted over the bar for 1 point.
  • The passback rule will not be applied in 7s.

Pitch sizes
7-a-side  – Cross pitch of a 5 aside soccer pitch
9-a-side – form the edge of each penalty box
11-a-side – full size football or rugby pitch

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