Communities on Whatsapp

Are you in multiple groups on whatsapp? The committee, the kids club grp, the senior squad, the camogie or hurling group, the events group and many more? Yeah? it can be ridiculous making sure messages are sent out and reach all the groups at the same time keeping the whole community informed. right?

It seems that this brilliant whatsapp update has slipped under the radar from last November and we thought it was important ot bring it to your attnetion and yes, its called COMMUNITIES!

On whatsapp, beside the CHAT button theres a little icon of a group of people like this:


Click that and welcome to the COMMUNITY section. The idea is that you can now make an “umbrella” group that includes all the other groups you are in under a single community group and as the admin you can create a single message and put it here and it will be applied to all the groups at once (and you can add other admins of the community to help!)

What a relief. No more forwarding 60 messages or remembering all the groups! And as an added bonus you can skip between the groups in that community in a single click! all under one roof.


Heres the article explaining it in full. Enjoy!

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